Quality Steel Barns For Sale

The barn has become a very popular building because of its versatility, and THE Shed Company Mudgee offers a comprehensive range of designs to meet a full spectrum of applications. Our quality steel barns work well as a cost-effective storage utility for high clearance machinery and for building in feed room and farming equipment storage. Their dimensions also make it possible to add upper level storage through the inclusion of a 3kpa mezzanine floor.

At THE Shed Company Mudgee we are able to provide you with a quotation for a suitable steel barn and can adjust design details according to your spatial requirements and desired end use.

Customisable Barn Designs

Our versatile and practical barn designs incorporate a high clearance main span for those taller storage items. To the side of the main span are two identical 10-degree pitch lean-to enclosures that can also be customised to install roller doors, personal access points and/or windows as required. From skylight roof sheeting to sophisticated ventilation systems, THE Shed Company Mudgee offers numerous optional extras to help customise your barn. Throughout the design process you can control costs and add functionality as required.

Mudgee Steel Building Experts

Why wouldn’t you want a visually appealing steel building to add to your property? Come to THE Shed Company Mudgee so we can help arm you with the information you need to make the right decision. You will be satisfied in knowing that our products are Australian made. We use only Australian BlueScope® Steel and all of our manufactured components are manufactured in Australia and sold by your very own local Mudgee family. You'll also gain confidence in knowing that we are accredited by ShedSafe® - the industry benchmark for Australian manufactured steel sheds.