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Farm Sheds

Superior Steel Farm Sheds

Whether it’s lamb, beef, vegetables, fruit, wine or even honey, Australian farming produces some of the world’s best produce. With so much quality produce on our doorstep, not a lot of people really think about where it comes from and how. THE Shed Company Mudgee team live and work in the Mudgee region, and are familiar with the types of products produced from the land. We understand farmers’ requirements and are able to supply a quality range of steel farm sheds to enable an effective harvest.

Wide Range Of Farm Sheds

THE Shed Company Mudgee has a wide range of buildings available that we can deliver direct to your property. We can also handle the construction of your new steel building. Our farm sheds are diversified and range from large, very large to over-the-top. If you want it 100 meters long, 20 meters wide and 5 meters high, enclosed or open, or with dividing walls, insulation, vents, or windows, we will have you a quote in minutes.

Site Specific Engineering

We will even provide you with site-specific classification when we are designing your new building. The site specific classification gives you the security that your purchases are not only designed to meet your requirements, but they are designed to meet current Australian Standards. We will not be selling you an unsafe, un-engineered, inferior steel shed. Our sheds are ShedSafe® accredited, fully engineered, and our steel is genuine Australian BlueScope® Steel. The main structure is consistent of thick profile ‘C’ sections designed in portal frame structure, cold rolled to ensure no weak points and appropriately braced with bolted ‘Z’ sections or top hat for girts and purlins. So check out some of our photographs below and contact us today for a quote.