Horse Stables and Arenas

Horse Stables & Arenas

Mudgee Horse Stables & Arenas 

At THE Shed Company Mudgee we offer a great range of high-quality steel horse stables and arenas to enhance your property. We're also accustomed to the odd enquiry about using large equine arenas as all-weather covers. These arenas are not always used just for equine practice; they have also been purchased for industrial applications including coverage of large equipment. With the versatile characteristics of the design we have the flexibility to design a building specific to your needs. In comparison, other competitors are a lot more restricted in their capabilities, and limited in what they can supply for the price.

Custom Horse Stable & Arena Designs 

The arenas we supply can span over 30 metres and be 100 meters or longer depending on your needs, and we are able to vary roofing pitch to suit your requirements. Our arenas can be supplied as roof only; however you might opt for longer header sheets for extra shelter. You could opt for weather proofing on one side, both sides or a gable and two sides, depending on your needs! For more details on the variations that we are capable of with this style of building contact us at THE Shed Company Mudgee and we will walk through the process from start to finish. The extent of service we offer will depend on your individual needs and requirements, however we are able to take care of everything from kit supply, consolidation of the kit supply, and delivery co-ordination through to the final build.

High-Quality Steel Construction

At THE Shed Company Mudgee, our horse stables and arenas are constructed from durable high-tensile BlueScope® Steel and use corrosion-resistant COLORBOND® or Zincalume® sheeting. You can also vary the sheeting profile by selecting Trimclad®, Metroclad® or Corodek® sheeting designs in either vertical or horizontal positioning.